"All Cooped Up - My Life With Chickens During a Pandemic" - by Heide Royer

"All Cooped Up - My Life With Chickens During a Pandemic" - by Heide Royer

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“All Cooped Up,” is an irreverent biographical glimpse at life’s twists and turns that took place in the depths of the Covid-19 Pandemic at a small chicken ranch in Texas.  Follow the author through her learning efforts to establish a unique poultry raising operation from scratch.  Visit her perspective on what would constantly require changes in the caring for a variety of chickens, ducks and turkeys, literally from conception and breaking out of the egg to strutting around the barnyard.

The author’s On the Job narrative gives a colorful portrayal of her jumping into areas that she hadn’t considered at the onset of her project, which had often consisted of administrating unforeseen medical applications to her flock.  On occasion, her brood necessitated converting the family home into a gigantic feathery playground with the sounds of chirping from the incubators to roosters crowing to establish parity with the family dogs.  Even the stories behind the naming of the main characters in the basic flock, will add a humorous background to the book.

The vignettes of the authors experiences range from joyful life events to heartbreaking episodes of loss, that would evolve through the daily challenges of life on a farm where this city bred woman has transitioned to the country lifestyle.


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